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26 August 2010 @ 12:12 am
A new fan fic  
I posted fics earlier in a post by hobbit_face, but this is my actual writing journal. Anyway, I decided I'd been away from writing Anne/Gil for too long, I bring a new one. And, due to laziness, I won't even make you follow a fake cut :). (Though do note, you can find this and my other AoGG fics at willows_whiten and spell_divine).

Title: Last First Kiss
Fandom: Anne of Green Gables
Pairing: Anne/Gilbert
A/n: I own nothing, title from "History in the Making" by Darius Rucker.

The Cuthberts had invited the Blythes over while Anne and Gilbert were home on break. Anne was in the kitchen because she wanted to prove she was more sensible and could manage being in there alone.
"Ow!" Anne exclaimed as the knife sliced through her hand.
"What happened?" Gilbert asked, as he rushed into the kitchen.
"Nothing. It's nothing."
But she hadn't been able to hide her hand.
"Let me see it Anne."
Humiliated she held out her hand.
"We have to wash it out."
There was something in his tone, something in his face that made Anne stop. It dawned on her this wasn't the schoolboy of her youth. He was older now, mature now. For some reason she was surprised at how professional he was being.
"Anne?" he said, standing by the water pump.
'Yeah, right," she said, shaking her head to regain her concentration.
Anne stood by Gilbert as he pumped water over hand. She tried not to cringe as the water entered the wound.
"Are you doing okay?" he asked, concern evident in his voice.
"Please don't lie to me," he said quietly.
Anne looked at him for a moment, wondering when he had become so sensitive.
"I'm--I'm fine. It just stings a little."
"I'm sorry."
It was with a careful diligence that Gilbert dried her hand and wrapped it in a bandage. Anne was acutely aware of how he held her hand as he did so, and she hated that fact. Anne looked up and saw Gilbert intently looking at her. It wasn't the fact that they were kindred spirits, but her romantic side which clued her in on what he was thinking.
"Please Gil, don't," she whispered.
"As you wish."
Gilbert walked out of the kitchen and Anne wondered why she suddenly felt so lonely.

Throughout dinner Gilbert was amiable enough, but Anne couldn't get what had almost happened in the kitchen out of her head.

After dinner, Anne slipped outside. She walked over to the fence, feeling impatient and unsettled.
"I'm really sorry about what happened in the kitchen. Really Anne, you have no idea."
"When did it happen?" Anne asked, watching her not injured hand graze the top of the fence post.
"When did what happen?"
Anne sighed, and looked him in the eye, as though making a business transaction.
"When did you fall in love with me?"
Gilbert looked away, gathering his thoughts.
"When do these things ever happen? I feel like I always have."
"Gil, I'm sorry."
"Don't be. It's not your fault you don't love me."
Anne was silent for a moment, pondering his words.
"How do you know when you love someone?"
"Are you mocking me?" Gilbert asked, turning to face her. "Anne, you've been a romantic the whole time I've known you. I thought you had this all planned out."
"It was always love at first sight. Love at first sight is easy. I never imagined what it might be like if it was slowly developed."
"What are you saying Anne?"
"I'm confused."
She swallowed as Gilbert brushed some hair from her face.
"What do you want?"
Anne couldn't figure out how to answer that, so she remained silent.
"Is everything okay?" Gilbert asked, his eyebrows burrowing together.
"Yeah, it's just. . .I'm scared."
"Of what?"
"You. Of the fact that I might be in love with you."
Gilbert gently ran his fingers along her cheek.
"Take your time. Become reacquainted with your self. Know that I'll always be here for you, no matter what you decide you want."
Anne felt her chin quiver as she held back tears.
"I'm sorry, did I upset you?"
Anne shook her head as Gilbert pulled her into a hug. He held her as she cried.
"Are you okay?" he asked when she pulled away.
She nodded.
"You're beautiful," he said in awe, then blushed when he realized he had spoken the words out loud.
"Gil, I'm sorry about what I said in the kitchen."
"Anne it' s okay."
"No, I mean I regret pushing you away."
Gilbert looked at her, trying to figure out if she meant what he thought she meant. It was with some uncertainty and fear that he gently and quickly kissed her.
"Do you have to stop?" Anne asked, excited by the pounding of her heart.
"That depends."
"On what?"
"On you, and what your answer is."
"My answer?"
"Will you marry me?"
"Gilbert Blythe, are you proposing?"
"Should I not?"
"Gilbert, I can't imagine my life without you."
"So then marry me. Then you know I'll always be in your life."
"Yes. Of course I'll marry you."
Gilbert leaned in for another kiss, holding it longer than the first.
"We should go in and tell everyone," Gilbert said. "You're sure of this, right?"
"Yes," Anne said with a small laugh. "But I don't think we'll need to be telling anyone anything."
Gilbert looked at where she point and saw his parents and the Cuthberts crowded around the window. He laughed as he motioned them outside.
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Nice job!
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Thank you :).